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We are blessed to announce a major step in the fight against hunger, with the purchase and renovation of our permanent home at 313, West Franklin Street near the  Hickory Street Historic District in Canton, Mississippi.
 Lacking the financial resources to purchase a permanent site, we've found it necessary to relocate several times. Initially, we were housed at St. Paul’s AME Zion Church and when that location was no longer available, we settled into the gym at the former Holy Child Jesus School.
When that building was sold, we found ourselves homeless once again. Fueled by our determination to feed the hungry, we found a compassionate and generous partner in Grace Episcopal Church.  Grace provided us with a temporary home, and we made box lunches in their small kitchen and served our guests outdoors. After that time was up at Grace, we partnered with  the Madison County Baptist Association , whom allowed us to operate out of their building for over a year. After many years of working toward getting  our own building, that day finally came when we signed and closed on June 25, 2016 on our new permanent home. Although this was a happy day for us,we still had a long road ahead with renovations.  “Preparing approximately 50,000 nutritious meals annually, the installation of a commercial kitchen was our number one priority. At an estimated cost of approximately $60,000, this meant donations were needed for renovations.

The purchase of our new home was made possible through the generosity of 3 kind families and the renovations were made through several individuals,small groups, churches, businesses, and many more  of private donors. The commercial building was chosen for its central location, as well as for its potential for future growth and expansion. Although our new location required extensive renovation, the Board at Our Daily Bread felt strongly about upgrading an existing, vacant building, as the repairs and renovations will create temporary jobs, and the improvements will serve to enhance the surrounding commercial and residential area in Canton.
“There is a lot to celebrate, but there is also a lot of work left to do,” said Sr. Mary Anne Poeschl, R.S.M., Pastoral Minister at Holy Child Jesus Catholic Church, and Board secretary and Fundraising Chairperson for Our Daily Bread, “Hunger is a growing epidemic that affects hundreds in our community on a daily basis, but curing hunger is possible if we all work together. This ministry is 100% people and community funded and every single dollar counts. Now, more than ever, we are depending on the community’s help and generosity.”

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